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Site of the Week

Welcome to the LoganUt.US site of the week program.

The goal of this web site (LoganUt.US) is encourage local web development. The site provides a simple directory structure and calendar with links to local web sites and events. All web sites are invited. If you are from the Cache Valley, feel free to add a your site.

The Site of the Week program gives an extra boost to some of the interesting web sites and community organizations in the area. The primary reason for this Site of the Week program is so that I can have an RSS Feed with changing content.

There will be a new site of the week each Tuesday.

On occasion, I will add site reviews in addition to the Site of the Week. These additional reviews often contain widgets, videos or related resources for a site.

The selection for site of the week is largely a random process. For the most part, I choose the reviews while adding links.

If all of the site of the week slots are full for the upcoming year, then I will start adding the reviews at random days during the week. You can view all reviews on the Review History page.

BTW, you will notice that the very first site of the week is this site of the week page.

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