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Westhost is a premium web hosting firm that was founded in Providence, Utah. The company offers shared hosting and cloud hosting platforms and is noted for stellar customer support.

In 2008, Westhost was acquired by the UK2 Group. The UK2 Group is the leading domain registrar in England. The UK2 group is also a leader in the deployment of Virtual Private servers.

I had this site (The Community Color Project) hosted on the Westhost cloud. It was necessary to rewrite the code base for PHP7; So I decided to move the site to a virtual private server with (Both and Westhost have the same support staff). offers bare bone servers. I used the Ubuntu operating system and installed the web server and PHP. I am using SQLite3 for the database. It took about a day reading tutorials to set up the site.

My recommendation is that anyone looking for out of the box web hosting with email use the Westhost package. Their built in control panel and support staff is great.

For people like me who want to save money by installing their own software to go with Both VPS and Westhost have the same Utah based support staff and share the same server rooms.

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