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Westhost offers shared hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting from its world class data center in Providence and Linden, Utah.

Shared web hosting is the best solution for the vast majority of web sites. With shared hosting, multiple web sites reside on a single server. Currently, WestHost's shared plans start at $6.95 a month for a personal account. (sometimes there are specials for less ... so check the site for current pricing.)

In 2008, Westhost was acquired by the UK2 Group which expanded the Westhost facilities to include cloud hosting under the VPS.net brand. Cloud hosting gives each site a dedicated amount of CPU, diskspace and bandwidth.

The nodes at VPS.net start at $20/month. At VPS, the client must configure their own server. Many VPS.net customers end up buying expensive customer support. TheWesthost offers a cloudhosting solution which combines Westhost cloud combines Westhost's world class customer service with the VPS software. The starting prices for the Westhost cloud is $50, which seems to include support and the resources of two VPS nodes.

This web site is hosted on the VPS cloud. The account had some rough going in the first year of the cloud. The service has stabilized has proven to be sufficiently robust for this data intensive directory project.

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