🠈  Cache Velley  🠊

The Cache Valley drew its name from the fur traders who created caches of furs and supplies in the area during the early 1800s. Visitors in the 1820s included explorers such as John Weber, Jim Bridger, Peter Skene Ogden, James Beckwourth, etc..

The Cache Valley sits between the northern portions of the Wasatch Mountains and Bear river Mountains to the East and the Wellsville Mountains to the West.

Settlement began taking place in earnest in 1856 when Brigham Young sent Peter Maughan (1811 – 1871) to establish settlements. Mr. Maughan, a polygamist who eventually had three wives helped settle Tooele. The first settlement in Cache Valley was Fort Maughan which was later renamed to Wellsville.

Legend holds that the first winter was so severe that the settlers left their holdings and spent the winter in Salt Lake.

The pioneers quickly established Logan and other towns in the area.

Cache County was created in 1856 and formally established in 1857 with Logan as its largest community and county seat.

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