🠈  Logan, Utah  🠊

The Logan River is a 53.7 mile river that starts in the Bear River Mountains and runs south before breaking through the Wasatch Mountains into the Cache Valley in Logan City. The river was named after Ephraim Logan who was a fur trader who visited the valley in 1824.

Logan City was named for the river. It was settled by Mormon pioneers who were sent into the area in 1859 by Brigham Young. The city was incorporated in 1866 and became the seat of Cache County due to its central location in the valley.

Logan established its reputation as a education center with the founding of Brigham Young College in 1877 at the present day location of Logan High School. BYC ceased operations in 1926. Logan became to Utah State University in 1888.

The 2010 census reported a population of 48,174 with current estimates scratching 50,000. Suburbs of Logan have been growing faster than Logan for the last few decades.

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